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"Chatterbox Annuals"
A remarkable collection of forty bound editions of the children's Chatterbox Annual. Three are shown above. Volume Number 1 is present together with twenty-seven for which we have established publication dates. Thirteen are currently unassigned by year. From our researches it appears this series started in 1866 as a weekly, and finished in 1948. "
Annuals" are thus bound up volumes of the "Weeklies" produced by the Founder and First Editor : J. Erskine Clarke. The series was published for the propietors by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. In our case, we suspect this is a complete run of the first forty years of publication. There appears to be no "reference set" online, showing cover image against year of publication. If anyone can direct us to this we would be most grateful. The best source we have found to date is in Copac. 


"Marigold Garden"
Kate Greenaway
Sixty delightful pages all original.
Printed in colours by E. Evans.
A few prelims very slightly foxed. Spine strenghened.
1885 First Edition offered at £35.00

"The Complete Kate Greenaway Bibliography here Arranged Alphabetically".
A Apple Pie
, Routledge, 1886

Almanacs for 1883-1927

April Baby's Book of Tunes, by Mary Russell, Macmillan, 1882

Around the House, Worthington, 1900

Aunt Louisa's, Warne, 1871

Birthday Book for Children, Routedge, 1880

Dame Wiggins of Lee, edited by John Ruskin, George Allen, 1885

Day in a Child's Life, by Myles B. Foster, Routledge, 1881

Diamonds and Toads, Warne, 1869

The English Spelling Book, Routledge, 1885

Fairy Gifts, by Kathleen Knox, Dutton, 1874

Heir of Redclyffe, by Charotte Yonge, Macmillan, 1881

Kate Greenaway's Alphabet, Routledge, 1885

Kate Greenaway's Book of Games, Routledge, 1889

Language of Flowers, Routledge, 1884

Little Ann and Other Poems, by Jane and Ann Taylor, Routledge, 1883

Little Folks, Cassell, 1877

Madame D'Aulnoy's Fairy Tales, Gall and Inglis, 1871

Marigold Garden, Routledge, 1885

Mother Goose, Routledge, 1881

Pied Piper of Hamlin, by Robert Browning, Routledge, 1888

Queen of Pirate Isle, by Bret Harte, Chatto Windus, 1875

Queen Victoria's Jubilee Garland, Routledge, 1887

Rhymes for the Young Folks, by William Allingham, Cassell, 1887

Under the Window, Routledge, 1877

The Birthday Book, 1880

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